EZ Tarp Automated Truck Tarper. Easy install truck cover.
  • Safe
  • Efficient
  • Reliable


The E-Z Tarp system is designed to make covering and uncovering truck loads safer, faster, and easier.

Automated truck tarp fits any size truck. Made from the best grade of metal fabrication and manufactured to fit perfectly on top of most truck boxes or trailers.
  • Agricultural Bulk Beds
  • Commercial Semitrailers
  • Clears Heaping Loads
  • Automated truck tarp controls  
    THE TARPER is electric over hydraulic, powered by the vehicles 12 volt system which runs a hydraulic pump. The pump in turn activates two hydraulic cylinders, one on each end of the truck box or trailer.

    The hydraulic cylinders move the tarp roller across the box from side to side and roll up or unroll the tarp.

    The tarp is held down on each end of the box by bunge straps that are threaded through the tarp ends.

    This complete process is activated by simply flipping a toggle switch. Semi trailers do require hold down clamps to keep the tarp and roller down tight on the edge of the trailer.